FexAcad is an official online portal with the purpose of enrolling international students who wants to study in China and Europe.

We have an efficient, quick and safe online platform to help enroll/register international students directly get into China universities and colleges.

We give professional advice with regards to securing admission for international students from all over the world.

We also assist in processing application for work visa in China

Our Vision

Provide the safest and quickest application procedures for applicants at the lowest cost

Why People Choose Us?

We are a lifelong associate for career improvement by delivering a best-in-class educational experience with an unmatched commitment to student success.

We offer academic professional training solution, education, facilities, resource and management planning, innovative building and campus planning solutions that address institutional priorities.

We enable organizations to achieve operational excellence through the unique combination of concepts, implementation, people and technology.

We are innovative builders of businesses, developing trade and investment world-wide.